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Built from
the ground down

Sometimes being sustainable is about the small decisions. When asked about his sustainability philosophy for building our facility, CEO Mark Mathes says Great Plains tries to “live everyday as an example of how lots of small things start to add up.”

Great Plains Paper Tubes & Cores™ is located 148 feet underground in a limestone cave. We are a part of the Hunt Midwest Subtropolis, the world’s largest underground industrial park.

By using the geo-thermal properties of our underground environment, Great Plains’ underground facility has little cost to heat or cool, saving thousands of dollars per month in winter heating costs for a comparable above ground facility. This makes our carbon imprint significantly smaller than almost all of our competitors.

Stable, Consistent Climate Conditions

  • Constant temperature and humidity protects our raw materials.
  • The limestone facility provides a naturally controlled climate. The resulting benefit is a regulated temperature and humidity which protects and preserves the quality of our paper supply.

Lighting System

  • Our new lighting system is comprised of high-efficiency T-5 lighting and motion sensors, a combination that has drastically lowered our lighting system’s electrical consumption
  • By using highly reflective paint on the rock walls, we reduced the number of fixtures necessary to achieve proper lumen levels.