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    Whether you’re a manufacturer, a distributor or just need your outward-bound shipments protected or double-stacked, V-Tough Edge Guard™ is the economical answer to getting your products to their destination intact and undamaged. There is no better pallet protection product on the market than V-Tough Edge Guard™.

  • Get a little
    wound up

    With over 15 years of operating experience, Great Plains is the leading independent paper tube, core and edge guard manufacturer in the Midwest.

    We are small enough to give unsurpassed service and attention to every customer, yet large enough and experienced enough to service the most demanding needs.

  • We know our way
    around paper

    We know that tubes and cores can only be as good as the paper they’re made from. So Great Plains uses only first quality, mill run recycled paper board. We never use off spec. or odd lot seconds. Additionally, our manufacturing facility is in a temperature and humidity controlled underground space. This enables us to produce tubes and cores with the correct moisture content time after time. Consistent quality, competitively priced.

  • One of our core

    Great Plains stocks 1″ and 3″ id label cores and consistent, clean, burr free cores in lengths from .5″ to 5″. No minimums mean lower inventory costs and more flexibility for the customer, as well as added convenience. Additionally, Great Plains can deliver your order to your dock.

  • Strength
    to the point

    Higher crush strength? Specialized packaging? We’ve got it
    covered. Whether you are rolling film, poly, or high density paper, we can manufacture the cores to your specifications, to ensure consistency throughout your manufacturing processes.

About Great Plains Paper Tubes & Cores™

Great Plains Paper Tubes & Cores™ is a division of Vanguard Label focused on the manufacturing of spiral wound tubes and cores and the production of V-Tough Edge Guard™. The manufacturing facility is located underground in the SubTropolis in Kansas City, Missouri.

Great Plains emphasizes the creation of high-quality products through the use of sustainable business practices, and has become recognized as a part of the most sustainable packaging company in North America.